Visit Oslo with Einar The Frenchie!

Check out this awesome video I made showing Oslo at it’s best (almost). Summer finally decided to show up, and I am enjoying beautiful days in the capital of Norway.

The video is shot with my Sony Action Cam. Read more about the camera here and our film project here.

I just love MY Oslo, and as a true city dog, I love showing it from my point of view. The fortress is just amazing in sunny weather, and lucky me – my grandpa is a captain at the hop on – hop off pirate ship cruising along the Oslo fjords. It can’t really get better than that! Check out the mini cruises in Oslo here. You can even sail out in the evening and eat fresh shrimps in the sunset!

We can’t wait for the summer to really arrive, so we can go swimming in the brand new ocean pool that opened at Sørenga last week, in the middle of the city! It’s just incredible!!

Can you imagine lazy days in this huge pool?

During the summer, I will post more videos showing MY Oslo from a different point of view – thats my point of view, so stay tuned! Next up is Sørenga (the ocean pool above). There are so many “secret spots” that deserves to be experienced!

Check out Visit Oslo’s homepage for more tips and inspiration for what to do on your next Oslo trip!

Please share if you or someone you know are going to visit MY Oslo anytime soon!

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