Pay It Forward!

I just have to tell you a beautiful story that happened to me the other day! I met this adorable lady, Jorunn, on her way to chemotherapy. She almost bursted out in tears and gave me a warm and long lasting hug! ? She told me that she is a fan, and she follows me on instagram and was SO happy to meet me! It was such a special moment for me! She just posted this picture saying I made her day (on a quite difficult day). ? But really – you made MY day! ?? 

This means so much to us – people stopping us on the street almost everyday, and if what we do can make one person happy and help him or her get through the day… it’s a very big privilege! And it makes us SO inspired! And it makes us think of the very beautiful movie Pay It Forward! It’s like doing a “random act of kindness” (without knowing)!

The philosophy of Pay It Forward is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society. In the movie, Reuben St. Clair, a social studies teacher in Atascadero, California, challenges his students to “Change the world”. That’s something we would all like to do, right? What if we could change the world, even in some small way? One of the students in the class is Trevor, who takes the challenge to heart. As he goes about his day, he wonders what he could do, just a twelve year old student, to change the world. He starts by showing kindness to a stranger, and from there, moves on to the next person he can help.

We each have the opportunity every day to show someone kindness. We can share a meal with someone. Share a smile! Give a away a hug! No matter where we live, anywhere on the planet, we can show kindness to those in our community.  Read more on the Pay it forward”-foundation.

Please remember, every day, spread a little sunshine on your way – it takes so little to make someone happy! Do a random act of kindness! Pay it forward!

And to my hero, Jorunn! Sending you lots of love, darling!  And I hope the rest of my followers will too.

Hold on, be strong!

Lots of love!

Lyspunkt å møte @einarthefrenchie før dagens cellegift

Et bilde publisert av Jorunn (@mutti_44)

Please leave us a comment, and last but not least – Please share – Pay it forward!

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