Einar The Frenchie is a 5 year old french bulldog living with his two daddies in Norway. With more than 24K followers on social media, and featured regularly on national tv, radio, newspapers and magazines – he is one of the most popular and famous pets in Norway.

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about me!

  1. I seek eye contact with humans out on the street, and as soon I meet someones eyes, I will do several tricks to keep their attention!
  2. I love to surf, but I HATE to get wet! Not the best combo!
  3. I LOVE my toy rat! Where ever I go, and need my rat.  And I sleep with it..​
  4. I LOVE watermelon, and I hate that healthy expensive «shit» my daddies are making me eat.
  5. I LOVE the sun, but I can’t describe how much I hate the rain. Then my daddies have a hard time even getting me out to take a pee.
  6. I love to get my photo taken, and as soon I get that camera in the face – I strike a pose!
  7. I get VERY embarrassed when I fart, so I run to the bathroom to hide, leaving my daddies in the lethal gas. I actually farted on live television!
  8. The bathroom is my room! I just love sleeping on the heated floor.
  9. I’m a true city dog, and I prefer «going to the toilet» on concrete.
  10. I actually sometimes think I am human, and love to socialize at the dining table. But my daddies won’t let me before after dinner.


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Einar The Frenchie Einar The Frenchie Einar The Frenchie Einar the frenchie Einar The Frenchie

Einar The Frenchie