VID! OMG! I am SO proud to show you the result of The last days filming for a commercial for luxury Hotel in Norway, The Thief. I’ve been chosen to be the Very Important Dog of this 5 star hotel.

At THE THIEF HOTEL everyone is welcome, including your four-legged family member. Your loved one will get a warm greeting and great special offers.

Upon arrival the dog will receive a tailor-made hamper, which includes a toy, a treat and clean-up bags. 

We will cater for all your dogs needs such as pet bed and pet blankets, “Do Not Disturb/Dog Sleeping” card, food and water bowl with fresh mineral water and our in-house dog Menu, Turndown Treat.

Director is the talented Jens Bredberg and the beyond cool song is the very talented norwegian artist Aleksander Walmann Check them both out!

Here are som pics from the photoshoot.

Einar The Frenchie Einar The Frenchie Einar The Frenchie Einar The Frenchie


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