Easter holiday in wonderland!


We just had the most amazing easter holiday. In wonderland. Winter wonderland! As a true city dog – I don’t really hang out in the mountains.

In Norway we have strong easter traditions. 50 % of the population escape to the “easter mountains” (which is a common designation for all mountains).  In Norway we even have organizations that works to benefit outdoor activities. For nearly a hundred years, Den Norske Turistforening (DNT) has been involved in conservation in Norway. DNT believes that everyone should have access to unlimited experience in the outdoors. This right is ensured by the Public Right of Access, which is a cornerstone of DNT’s values.

Today, DNT is Norway’s largest outdoor life organization, with nearly 260,000 members, and still counting. This year they are focusing on “the city people”. They want more people (and dogs) living in the citys, to use the mountains. And since I am a true city dog, they invited us to experience a true Norwegian mountain easter, to show people how easy it is to get out and get up! And it has been a true amazing experience.

Our destination was the beautiful and dramatic Jotunheimen mountains.  We drove 4 hours by car from Oslo, to get to Tyin. There we were picked up by REALLY cute (and noisy) weasels!


After 22 km we arrived on the DNT cabin, in the “middle of nowhere”, which turned out to be a very good place to be! The scenery was magical, and can not really be described by words. Please see the photos below to see what I meen! The service and the food on the cabin was also fabulous! And the best experience is how simplicity can be so luxury! This is not a 5-star hotel, yet – the experience is!

Dinner is served on long tables, and you dine with people you don’t know – be will get to know! All very laid back and down to earth. If the person next to you cut hair, is a doctor, work in finance or drive the weasel  – doesn’t matter! Everyone speaks to everyone about anything! And off course – as I love attention – I do whatever it takes to get it! 🙂


Remember sun block and sun glasses

Einar The Frenchie


Modern family

Einar The Frenchie


From now on – easter will be spent in the easter mountains!! We are so happy we could help DNT with this project, which also reached the press – The national broadcaster was only one of the medias writing about us!

What do you think about Jotunheimen? And how did you spend your easter?? Please leave me a note below!


All photos taken by Sindre T. Lønnes  / DNT


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