Don’t you just love balloons?? I do! Balloons are the best, in any situation! And I love to chase them and pop them! I have made several videos with my balloons, and now they are getting some serious attention.

This week several major american websites have contacted us, and wants to repost our videos and send them out in the viral spiral. It started with the video above.

It’s a video from my 4th birthday party, and I just LOVE chasing those balloons!

One of the articles posted is from the major american feelgood magazine, They have millions of readers and followers, and it’s such an honour to get featured by them. Check it our here.

Another article is from which is another HUGE american site.  Even one of the biggest viral sites in the world,, is featuring our video, and it makes us very happy and proud!

Here is my last balloon video, it’s called Einar The Frenchie vs balloons!

Please share this and bring some laughter in someone’s life!

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